Salahaddin University

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The mission of Salahaddin University  is to shape individuals capable of creative and critical thinking, striving for continuous improvement of their knowledge and professional skills up to the standards of knowledge society, taking up social and economic challenges of the present out of a sense of civic duty and respect for human dignity.

  • Provide an innovative educational platform which will allow SU to become a world class university.
  • Improve research centers for developing staff and student skills.
  • Develop industry leaders by providing excellent learning programmes and experiences to graduates, post-graduates and professionals.
  • Build up extensive learning centers using the latest technology.
  • Advance knowledge to develop the country economically.
  • Develop an academic reputation that stakeholders, faculty and staff can be proud of.
  • Decentralize the administrative work of the university to enable SU faculty staff to pursue the mission statement adopted by the university.
  • To transform the prospects of individuals, employers and society through excellence in practice-based education, research and knowledge exchange.