Short & Brief words about Us

The modern technology make the whole globe like a small town, as we met from various places around the world (Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and Middle East), young Kurds professional, make this idea alive by the combination of our experiences of more than 15 years of Marketing, Business management, programing and planning together with technological era of web communications, web developments and software programing.
Our project will make a semi trading chamber of Kurds Businessman of all sectors of manufacturing, trading, handicraft, sellers, small business and get starting projects.
Our goal, to show to all the world our abilities by our finance and knowledge. By help of our friends and Unify our goals from each individual of us, the all world will see our facilities, factories, company, universities, cultures, scientists, organizations, and our Land Beauty, even small business and handicraft, shops around the world.
By our Economy we will fight our enemies, and control the Power in our hand.