Ministry of Justice Kurdistan Regional

Ministry of Justice - The Kurdistan Regional Government’s

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  • Legalization and adjudication of administrative and judicial problems. In addition, achieve legal equality and express opinions freely on legal affairs in Iraqi Kurdistan through the Shura Council.
  • Coordination with the Supreme Judicial Council and relevant parties to implement laws and achieve the Ministry’s objectives through the Office of the Prosecutor General.
  • Registering the disposal of real estate and judgments on real property rights. In addition, organize and strengthen legal acts.
  • Monitoring disadvantaged groups from social, cultural, educational, and humanitarian standpoints in cooperation with relevant authorities, protecting the gains and rights of the Region and its citizens, and applying the judgments and decisions of the judiciary through the Directorate General of Judicial Affairs.
  • Issuing and publishing the official newspaper (Kurdistan Chronicle) in both Kurdish and Arabic to inform citizens and organizations in the Region of the latest laws issued by the Directorate General of the Diwan and the Directorate of the Chronicle of Kurdistan.
  • Authenticating documents through the General Directorate of the Diwan and the Directorate of Relations.
  • Preparing the judiciary and members of the Ministry’s and other entities’ prosecution and legal staff through the Judicial Institute.
  • Reviewing, auditing, and inspecting the records of the Ministry and all its departments to ensure justice and integrity through the Judicial Supervisory Authority.