Faruk Medical City

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Opened on April 14, 2014

The Mission of FMC
To offer the best in care and recovery for all our patients equally, without any discrimination. FMC considers its patients’ health as its top priority, and therefore constantly performs educational supportive matters in order to keep its staff up-to-date and developed.

The vision is to have one of the world’s most well-credited and leading health care services, based on a professional sustainable growth. FMC strives to accomplish this by participating in creative and professional medical researches.

Valuable Statements:

•Excellence: Serving our patients and providing them with the best treatment methods available and to give, through the efforts of every member of the team, a performance of the highest quality.
• Services: We strive to reach the expectations of our patients and caregivers alike and have great confidence in giving them satisfaction.
• Compassion: We show our compassion by constantly providing the best care not only for our patients but also for the patients’ families and the fellow caretakers.
• Innovation: We are open-minded and welcoming to any positive changes in the medical community and we are constantly seeking better innovations and forms of treatment to provide to our patients.
• Quality: We persistently strive to evaluate, negotiate, improve our current services and in doing so we achieve and maintain the highest standards of quality in all areas of our work.
• Respect: We are proud to be a multicultural community. We treat everyone in our community with the greatest respect, dignity and equality including our patients, their families and our colleagues.
• Honesty: We keep our professionalism by our commitment to integrity, ethics and privacy.
• Teamwork: Serving our patients and fellow caregivers is of the utmost importance to us and to accomplish this we are constantly working together and collaborating to share our knowledge, so that we can take accurate and safe steps towards our mission.